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 My best equip for WB if can have!!

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PostSubject: My best equip for WB if can have!!   Tue Jul 03, 2007 1:22 pm

Headgears: 12% or 15% skill activition speed hat.
Armours: 15%-18% ext atk armour.
Pants: Lvl 70 sect pants.
1st acc: Sect Acc or 10% drain or 7% convert mp
2nd acc: 9% skill activition speed
Weapon: Sin brush

Reason y i set 3 acc to 1st acc... cause when u right click the acc in the inventory, it auto goes to the 1st acc (top acc slot). So easy for switching acc.

Then the 9% skill activition speed is the 1 i mostly confirm not changing so i put in 2nd acc slot (bottom acc slot).

Reason y i don't use 2x 9% skill activition speed acc is because it onli faster casting spped but i have to give up more advantage for it not worth. Cause the speed is onli useful to MY. But if i use other accessory, it'll be more useful to fight other class. Cause not all class use MY de. Onli against dodge class use MY. But against other class use combo better. For eg, against SM, WS, SZ use with drain mp acc better. And if wanna do combo then equip with sect equip (got + critical rate%) Hai really hard to say y i chose the different acc to fight. Cause depend on the person u fighting with and the equip he/she have. Anyway WB very very hard to play well. Like fighing against a SM i got abt 6 method to fight le.
Lastly if wan i also can get full sect equip for fun.
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PostSubject: Re: My best equip for WB if can have!!   Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:37 pm

Yaloh. For me as Obs/Agi to be, Skill activation will only be useful for me in doing combos faster.
Heard from Guan that there will be a delay after minor Ying.

According to China's forum, if your Gentlemen scroll doesn't hit 80% ext atk, do not paste Minor Ying cause it doesn't help to hit the nxt frame rate cap to finish your move fast enough.

So sorry for long concept essay for below.
You can choose to ignore from here and don't read down.
But it will be good for you to take as reference if you're playing WB.

For my initial concept for budget build @ lv59, my idea is to be a high dodge wb doing combo and playing Minor Yang. With Obs/Agi, i will have higher chance to dodge and have good critical activation %.
Equip i already have and planned as follows:

Head: 9% skill activation hat grade3 +7
Armor: 9% ext atk armor with int base def grade3 +7
Pants: Dodge +25~30 pants with int base def grade5 +5
Accessory: 13obs/13agi/13vits x 2 sets
Weapon: Lv64 3% skill activation brush +5

Reason why i say +5 on weapon is good enough?
I personally had tried using 3000+g to upgrade my lv70 Sin spear and >grade3 equipments.

Out of this 3000+g amount i used, i only managed to get +6 for 5 times.
So you can see the success rate ratio is how slim... Shocked
So follow what the old birds says. Buy +7 equipments directly is much much better than you self upgrade.

IF the equipment is grade3, then i will strongly suggest you upgrade by yourself. I managed to +7 on my 9% skill act hat and int def ext atk armor with <40 m.shards

My thought at first is "Aiya this server not alot of pro in beginner war, no need spend so much gold on equips"

Until i see XiaoDuYao's wb, i know i need to discard that mindset and move on to China's build as i feel a threat there le Shocked

Spent over the night thought to finalise my ultimate equipments:

Head: 12~15% skill activation hat with internal def base +7
Armor: Ext atk armor with internal def base +7
Pants: Dodge +27, +HP pants int def +5 and Lv70 WB sect pants +7
Accessory: 9% skill activation x 2 acc or 2 x Lv70 WB sect acc or 1 each
Weapon: 3-4% skill activation brush or Sin brush +7

Target: 30% skill activation, 80+% gentlemen ext atk, Minor Yang, Minor Ying, Cloud stepper, Endless Scroll.

Why i don't use 7% mp convert equipment now is because i want to try out my maximum capability for this build. If need be, then i use 7% convert damage to mp accessory or pants.

I will be using 11% ext atk armor Ext def +7 if i fighting with SC/BF/YCR.
Stack as much ext def as possible.

Also i will be using another equipment setup with all ready on standby:

Hat: 30% sup atk duration with +2%mp
Armor: 11% ext atk armor
Pants:25% sup atk duration with +10 dodge
Accessory: 2 x 20% sup atk duration acc
Weapon: Lv64 brush with 3% skill activation

With armor options already bought for standby:

- Defense from Internal Energy increased by 18 armor Int def base
- 4% dodge armor with 6% deflect Int def base
- -4% rate of getting skill interruption armor
- -20% injured duration armor
- 12% deflect armor Int def base
- +20% sup attack armor

My Future build:

Hat: Mentor's set
Armor: Mentor's set
Pants: Mentor's set
Accessory: 9% skill act x 2
Weapon: Lv80 brush with Added damage by 120, +obs, +agi

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PostSubject: Re: My best equip for WB if can have!!   Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:08 pm

Kenny, I can understand your explanation, but i take time to ease them. Wink

I think Guan has already summarized for you in some way.

Anyway, thank you Guan and Kenny Wink
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PostSubject: Re: My best equip for WB if can have!!   

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My best equip for WB if can have!!
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