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 WB equip Weapon 5th page

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PostSubject: WB equip Weapon 5th page   Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:46 pm

For weapon:

1) Sin brush with good ext atk range... when +7 must hit 390++ or 410+++ (best) for lvl 70 brush. Sin brush mean 6% ext atk, 13 obs, -6% ext def.

1) Chose a 17% breach def brush

GOT 2 x 1) cause thie 2 type of brush very important for WB.

2) 3-4% skill activition rate brush.

3) Either a 4-6% ext atk brush (green and pink stats) but not sin cause no other stats.

For 1):
Reason: No need to say le for WB u need a atking brush with high damage so sin bursh recommand. OR the other type breach def also very powerful cause even SC also scare of it.

For 2):
Reason: It help to increase ur critical for skill esp in MY... very powerful MY cause u think having critical MY most of the time Mad

For 3):
Reason: It's the basic brush for WB.
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PostSubject: Re: WB equip Weapon 5th page   Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:17 pm

To calculate how much the weapon you bought can be potentially hit how much maximum damage after +7, just take Max damage x 1.33

Example take the max damage let's say 271 x 1.33 = 360.43
Max damage shown on your weapon will be 360.

Even if you calculate to 360.99, the damage max on your weapon will be rounded down to 360.

In future, there will be a rock which can upgrade your eq to +7 straight away. For their formula, if you calculate to 360.51, the damage shown on your weapon will be rounded up to 361
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WB equip Weapon 5th page
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