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 WB equip pants 3rd page

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PostSubject: WB equip pants 3rd page   Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:25 pm

For pants

1) Sect pants
2) Convert mp Pants
3) HP pants
4) Support atk pants

For 1):
This is the onli pant for WB. a must to have. Also it's the onli sect equip a WB must have. The rest of the sect equip not really useful to WB .
Sect equip is both ext and int def, so no need to bother abt int or ext wear. Normally sect equip is like this ext def +25, int def +25.

For 2):
Too many drain mp ppl le so if no G to buy 7% convert mp acc, GET THIS PANT 1st. as it's cheaper.. OF course if can get 7% convert mp acc then wear sect pants better or hp pants. Get Int wear.

For 3):
Most ppl willl wear this. But not really of use compare to sect pants. So b4 get sect pant can try this pant unless u need convert mp a lot then use convert mp pant (if can't get acc). Get int wear.

For 4):
Not really needed but for ppl who wanna use long gentleman skill then this is ok.
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PostSubject: Re: WB equip pants 3rd page   Tue Jul 03, 2007 1:48 pm

For pants, try to skip lv50 sect pants.
Suffer and endure awhile... get lv70 sect pants and you will shine.

For WB, i double confirm here with Guan's and China reference le.
Only sect pants is useful for WB.
Rest of sect equips and bonus doesn't contribute much to our damage or dodge.

Take my this calculation ratio as a reference.

For 31 defense be it EXT or INT, if you successfully upgraded to +7,
The final defense after upgrading will be 80 defense.

So for Guan's reference of sect pants 25 defense.. if we upgrade to +7, it will be around 70+ defense.

As for convert damage to MP pants, there are 2 reasons why people choose to get it:

- Cheaper than accessory
- Allows you to play with 2 accessory which can give you better optons
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WB equip pants 3rd page
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