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 Temporary Quit... This is not a goodbye just a short break

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PostSubject: Temporary Quit... This is not a goodbye just a short break   Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:48 pm

Hi all,

Well I guess its my turn to quit JX2 for a period of time (Temporary) though I still dun know when will I be coming back, maybe in an hour time? days? weeks or years?

JX2 online game is the only game which I played the longest and it is definitely played a significant chapter in my life. Reason being: I get to know a lot of friends, brothers and sisters. Be it I curse or complain a lot about the server lar, the laggness lar, it is all of you who keeps me going up till today.

But, I realised i have neglected a lot of people... they are none other than my family, my real life friends and my colleagues, most importantly my real life bf. Furthermore, my health is getting weaker cos I am too addicted ler. Well I can only blame myself for not having enough discipline to sleep early esp I have a low resistance to online games. Hence, before I lose my loved ones, my health then to live in regrets, I would like to spend ample time with them and continue my regular exercise regime. To my JX2 online friends, we still can email and msn, or perhaps meet up one day yeah...

These are the following persons who I would like to thank him/her personally:

1) Chen_Jia_Luo aka Guan Zhong : My real life buddy who reccomended JX2 to me and helped me a lot throughout esp when I was playing healer with penniless.

2) Babybreath, Honeylove, Botaktoro and Mai-Pian: My real life friends who always gossip about JX2 esp the pro lar.. the pker lar.. who and who lar hehehe

3) Zhen Wu Bu Shen and Tian Shi Qing Ren: Kenny thanks for sharing all the JX2 info to me wor...

4) TechnoRaver, Blue_Elf and MinkyGirl:When I was a healer TechnoRaver helped me a lot too and always brought me for leveling. He was the one who taught me how to be a good healer hehehe.. then sis blue and sis minky are the one who we always level together with techno and had lots of fun together.

5) Thales86: Thanks for being my 1st online bf and I am always being proud of him. He has been very patient and understang towards me....

6) ZaChaRie: My current and 2nd online bf, thanks for sharing the good times and I will always remmeber you not just a jx2 character but a real life friend.

7) Ju Er Bang guild members: ningshuang, Takumi, Mei li xiao long, Ryosuke, Shin, xyz**, DeathGod, Aubriettia, Zhao Yun, Yunie, Lan Xin nan and Yong heng Fong

Cool The war teammates: Josmilky and DivaHell: who always heal me thanks so much!, Sasami, mfmf, MengLiJun, Sandking, WenPing, Hellen and Ella.

9) To my sifu, Xiao Du Yao thanks for all the guidance and patience in teaching me how to play Tang.

10) Thanks to all my Emei, Yang Clan and Tang Clan brothers and Sisters.

Last but not least, thanks to those who knows me and thanks for reading this naggy post.
Do take care yeah and Lotus will return one day

Love, Lotus

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Temporary Quit... This is not a goodbye just a short break
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