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 My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc

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PostSubject: My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc   Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:07 am

Initially thinking of sharing with guild members YCR only.
Since there's a recent hot favorite of Zithers amount coming up...
And there's a few in Beginner War thinks they are great.
This is my gift to them ^o^
This is brought to you by OneAxeHole from MapleSEA ^o^
Friends of mine in that game previously, please add me.
Don't know me also can add. Have more friends than enemies is better :B

I believe those who know or watched Yang Family history will know that they do not fight alone.

Yang Family always fight in a team of 5, after that 6.
In Song war history, Yang Family never lose at all.
Yang Ye (aka Yang Wudi the nick enemy countries gave him as no one can kill him) the head of YCR killed himself to save his family's pride and name instead of enemy killing him.
In Song dynasty history, Yang Family fought numerous of wars against the Liao dynasty and won victoriously.
After all the males in Yang family died, the females of Yang went war to fight for Song with the 6th surviving son.

For more info, go buy the VCD 'Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang" and watch ba :W
Too exciting and touching le the story of YCR~ :L
You watched le, you will auto go to Song side to help fight war~ ^o^

Back to Topic: :W
In order to break through Zither, minimum number of YCR require is 2-3.

1 x YCR on lv4 Heroic Spirit to minus duration full party of allies from Chaos status.

1 x YCR on lv6 Heroic Spirit to minus duration full party of allies from Stop status.

1 x YCR on lv5 Heroic Spirit to minus duration full party of allies from Sleep status.

YCR comprises of 2 builds aka Tanker+attacker, Support+attacker.

Tanker + Attacker = Str/Vits YCR wearing -50% rate of not getting abnormal status.
Support + Attacker = Str/Int YCR wearing all +damage/+atk equipments

Tanker Attacker weakness class:
INT damage class.

Support Attacker weakness class:
Str/Vits attackers. But will be countered once YCR beef up Vits with future equips.

I shall not brag about how strong YCR is.
All i can say is YCR can be a class that can dominate in war with Zithers support.
They can also destroy enemy Zithers easily in war.
I'm not joking as i am a Zither killer in beginner war already :W
Since Day 1 after my first war, i told myself i must be Str/Int le ^o^
If both sides have Str/Int YCR, then zithers are all = neutral class cause all abnormal status nullified.

A small example is the War accessory that -25% rate of NOT getting abnormal status from Slow/Chaos/Sleep/Petrify.
China players wearing both = 25 + 25 = 50% rate of not getting abnormal status.
Anyone with sufficient War rank will be able to get these accessories.

There are equips out there waiting to be released to counter Zithers thoroughly.
This server from Open Beta is only 10months old.
So Zithers still can enjoy the fun out there to play with players.

When released of equipments can kiss floor already :W
I play MMORPG base on future forecast not present.
Also i have stated YCR is leader in war not PvP.

SC is also not the leader in PvP in future but Ming sect. :B

Here's some pictures for your viewing leisure purpose only.
They do not wear any -25% accessory at all.

From here, all will say YCR eating food thus getting so much bonus.
Not really so.
There's a 5 element manual not yet release as of current patch yet.
Here's a pic of a YCR without buff/food at all but with the 5-element manual which adds base stats to ALL attribute.

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PostSubject: Re: My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc   Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:08 am

Current the concept build i had in mind for the start of this build is quite limited as there's alot more items not yet available for YCR.
With the current release of 5-element scroll from the Triple Reward Event,
I think it is time this build should be feasible. :B

Initial Build at Lv59:

70-90 Int
Rest all to STR
Eat +50 int food
Eat +50-70 str food
The loss in damage for 70-90 Int stats can be replaced by +50-70 str food


Max Str first
Max Int till -100% duration with equips
Rest all to Vits

After Lv59:

1.) Max STR and then start to max INT.
After both STR and INT maxed, left 44 points all to VITs

2.) Another way is Max str, put 44 vits then max INT.

In order to get -100% reduce abnormal status duration for Heroic Spirit,
YCR requires 450 INT points.

This can be done by using:
- 5-element scroll
- +70 int food (got higher version in future if i'm not wrong)
- +15 stats to all armor with +Ext atk % (not yet released)
- +stats helm with 15% skill activation
- 2 x Dragon Pearl ring (+15 to all stats)(not yet released except Triple reward)
- High damage Sin Spear

My ideal build is to add INT just nice to 450 or hitting -100% duration then stop adding INT and put all to VITs. Not really sure China players so hardcore play all out to INT making the duration to be -140% or even lower :S

This build renders all those class who deals INT damage to SCUK THUMB.
Classes like SM and WS can cry if they see you :W :K (dz)

Based on current server's limitation of equipments, you will need these:

- 12-15% skill Activation Hat or 10% hp Hat (ext def) or 25-30% Sup Atk hat
- Ext % atk armor or HP armor or 25% Sup Atk armor (ext def)
- 2 x 13int/13obs/13vit male accessory (main objective is get +INT)
- 10% HP pants or 25-30% Sup Atk pants(ext def)
- 5-element scroll
- A spear that has high damage will do. Not really impt as Wolf Surge bonus is high.
If you have very high poison spear you can also use it. Beginner war is simple.
Don't spend too much on weapon. Aim for a good Lv70 Sin spear in future instead.

*Future equips i will not post the list here* ^o^

Depending on how you play this build.
I can say my YCR killed alot of players with my base 6000++ hp in beginner war.
Highest kill i got in beginner war is 80+ without using any Sup atk eq, Army stun, damp shirt yet but just plain Wolf Surge and applying other evading skills.
I still do not have 3000 reps skill :W

If gets gangbanged, of course confirm die la :W
Most of the time i will use 'kamikaze' method to hold enemies while waiting for respawning allies to come back to war field till i die. (use Yang Horse mastery to slow them, Yang Sea splitter to petrify them, Heaven Arm spear to KB them :W)
So don't KNS say why i keep dying in ur war side. It means people still stingy to spam pots to fight that i have to go throw body to stop them :S

Scrolls you can choose to use:

Yang clan riding (+int def. Good to use on dark rock)
Yang Sea Splitter
Yang clan horse mastery
Wind Splitting Spear
Wolf Surge (die die must have)
Heaven Arm Spear
Meteor Spear

How do Str/Int YCR fight ?

We do not head on fight with others like the tanker build or class.
In beginner war, yes we still can do that.
Advanced war will be a different story.

Our task is to act as a supportive attacker like a Tank/Cannon in war.
Str/Int YCR always go together with another YCR or other attackers,
but not to the direct contact.

Example: SC or tanker class is 1st row, Str/Int YCR is 2nd row.

The moment we see the 1st row attackers have abnormal status,
Str/Int YCR will immediately activate their Heroic Spirit based on the status ailment type.
Normally it's Chaos or slow in Beginner war.
Press 1 medium blue pot if you see your MP bar goes 50% or lower to sustain the Aura support.

From here, see where the root of problem is (abnormal status casters),
Use Yang strategy verse (+50% damage on next charge atk skill within 3 sec), prepare for your Wolf Surge (charge atk) on them for instant kill.
Normally the root will hide among healers of party, thus Wolf Surge is good against them due to 'mob' bonus :U

How to Wolf Surge on target from far:
- Press TAB button to ENLARGE your map.
- Press and Hold CTRL button.
- Press and hold rightclick button the the map.
- Now move your mouse, your map will be moving.
- Move your mouse around till you see the Zither.
- Press the shortcut key for Wolf Surge
- Now Right click to use the skill on them~ You will Fly~~~ :I
- This is a surprise attack. Normally healers is too slow to react to healing them.

Senarios to take note:
- If zithers never die, use Wind splitting spear, Sayonara~ :W ^o^
- If zithers is with other people, use Heaven Arm Spear
- If Heaven Arm Spear kb enemies all lie down, standby near them.
- When they going to stand up, use Yang Horse Mastery to give em a good time~
- Use Yang Sea Splitter to charge back to your allies side :W

Your YCR is an important key factor in war with enemy Zithers.
Having the ability to stop or shorten the abnormal status time improves your warring side's survivality rate.
So when engaging enemies that are coming to your base in groups, YCR have to make sure the Zithers die before you do!
:K (dz)
So the rest of your allies can clear the enemy frontline with no zithers threatening them. :B

If you see another YCR approaches the Zither first with Wolf Surge, Zither haven't die, assist your ally YCR by giving the enemy Zither last blow with your Wolf Surge. Reason is that there may be a fast healer trying to save the zither.
Another reason is the 1st YCR may have got into Chaos mode after charging the Zither.
As the 2nd YCR support attacker, you can help to clear the Zither and with Heroic Spirit, save the 1st YCR and bring your 'family' back ^o^

Once Zithers cleared, go for Healers.
No abnormal status, no healers as support, this will cripple enemy's attacking side easier.

More tactics will be posted during lunch. Stay tuned :W

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Number of posts : 96
Registration date : 2007-06-05

PostSubject: Re: My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc   Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:21 pm

How to control your Horse? ^o^:

For your info, Yang strategy verse will slide backward during casting.
Actually you can control your Horse sliding position by hovering the mouse cursor around your character.

If you use this skill with cursor pointing infront of your YCR, your horse will slide backward.

If you use this skill with cursor pointing the back of your YCR, your horse will slide forward.

Use this skill on different situations to save yourself from gangbanging from enemies in war. :B

How to Wolf Surge with lesser chance to get locked ?

Most of the time you will notice YCR uses Wolf Surge to charge onto enemies and kiss floor after they get locked by enemies. This way of Wolf Surge is meant for Player vs Monster.

Here's the correct way to Wolf Surge:
- Target 1 enemy.
- Hover your mouse cursor with 1 finger distance infront of him.
- Use wolf surge.
- Upon charging, click backward to retreat asap. Enemy gets hit too sudden thus unable to hover their mouse and target you.
- Another way is to wolf surge, immediately use Yang Sea Splitter to move back.
Enemy will have harder time to lock on you with their mouse. Speed is the key here :B

How to use Heaven Arm Spear more effectively ?

- Use this skill before enemy is going towards your direction.
- Aim for the 3rd to 4th swing to hit him.
The key here is to use the initial last few swings to deal damage to enemy, and your YCR will use the last swing much faster to push the enemy back.

How to use Yang Horse Mastery more effectively ?

After a charge of Wolf Surge or Sea splitter, you realised the enemy numbers are way too much for you to fight them. Use this skill with 1 finger distance of enemy approaching you.

By the time enemy reaches you in melee range, they would get the 'Slow' effect from your skill. From here, evacuate immediately.

Another way of using this skill is to give opponent a surprise Wolf Surge and immediately use this skill. This will prevent opponent running away from you.

Use 3K reps skill to chase them after this.

How to make Wolf Surge and hit running opponent?

Use the crop map shifting method mentioned earlier, hover your cursor with 1 finger distance ahead of the enemy's running direction.
When u execute your skill, the timing would be just nice to hit them on target and let them bleed or die. :B

Think all these techniques are sufficient enough for YCRs to help me kill Zithers when i'm playing Brush.. :W

Sometimes very cake xim when i see there's a YCR nearby wearing diapers cover their eyes gong-gong-tu-tu just charge enemy and die in beginner war.
Everytime have the 'chong dong' to login my YCR and fight war instead of playing WB :@ ^o^ Razz

Ok end of my build post.
I still have other tactics learnt from personal experience...
But not posting here le later Guild leader lecture me teach too much le... :W

Some topics you probably already know... for example like...:
- The correct skill activation % value to make ur YCR more effective in fighting.
- Which is the correct scrolls to slot in ?
- How to run away from petrify
- How to use Yang Sea splitter effectively
- How to set the left mouse click with any skill with ANY level :I
- How to get 24 seconds army stun effect ?
- What is the correct living skill for YCR
- How to make sure Sect manual sure 100% +10 levels ^o^
- How to make your manual reading to get +2% ext attack at higher rate ^o^
- The correct formula for manual book reading ^o^
- How to longfist in air without aiming a target :U
- How the book reading bar determines your reading will get +ext % bonus :E
- How to run away from >20 enemies camping for your WB when you in air ^o^
- How to chain 2-3 minor yin in 1 attack for WB :I

and more...........

*Poof* *Disappear first* ^o^

PS. Please kindly vote for my this topic if you find the info useful.
I will remove this whole post in 7 days time if the feedback isn't good

Attached below is a Screenshot of my YCR with dual-buff bug by healers as mentioned by LordMythos ^o^

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PostSubject: Re: My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc   

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My Str/Int build at Jx2.uni.cc
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