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 version 0.37 update on 14/06/2007

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PostSubject: version 0.37 update on 14/06/2007   Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:22 am

Dear JX2 players, the version 0.37 update on 14/06/2007 maintenance would have the following updates:

1.The JX2 [Dragon Boat Festival] event starts.
1a. Dragon Boat Racing Match opens 2 sessions daily, at 12:00pm until 2:00pm, and 7:00pm until 11:00pm.
1b. All dragon boat is consumable, it will disappear when character leave from the racing map even the match is cancelled. Equip your dragon boat after registration is closed to avoid any lost.
1c. Every match is last for 10 minutes.
1d. Colourful flag will only display in the mini map. Relative message will be shown when you have crossed the flag.
2. Hidden Sword Package cannot be traded, discarded or vended.
3. Fixed the bug regarding display problem on certain sect equipment.
4. New item [Blessed Dumpling] added in Charm Mall.
4a. Selling price 7 JX2G each, Offer price 5 JX2G each.
4b. After used [Blessed Dumpling] in dragon boat match, points obtained for the match will be doubled.
5. New item [Dragon Boat Pouch] added in Gift Mall.
5a. Selling price 2 JX2G each, Offer price 1 JX2G each.
5b. After opened [Dragon Boat Pouch] can randomly obtain one of the dragon boats, including Waterball Boat, Torpedo Boat, Great Wave Boat, Close-Combat Boat, Running Fire Boat, Diving Boat.
6. New item [Dumpling Pouch] added in Gift Mall.
6a. Selling price 99 JX2G each, Offer price 90 JX2G each.
6b. After opened [Dumpling Pouch] can randomly obtain one of the dragon boat festival items listed below:
Salty Yolk Dumpling x50, Grilled Dumpling x50, Sweetmeat Dumpling x50, Assorted Dumpling x10, Rice Dumpling x5, JiaXing Dumpling x5, 500 Dragon Boat Match Point, Jade of QuYuan x1.

These are the current game settings as setted by the game developer Kingsoft. Thank you for your attention in this matter and we hope you would keep on enjoying JX2 Online.
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version 0.37 update on 14/06/2007
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