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 LV76 Living Skills (Food) *Translated By Me*

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PostSubject: LV76 Living Skills (Food) *Translated By Me*   Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:07 pm

Will be touching on Food making only unless requested.
Adapted from China site.

Take note Living skill lvl requirement is lv79 in order to learn.

Food Making:

1. Find BianJing Royal Cook. He will ask you to cook for him Golden Cake, Egg Fried Rice, Spring(Onion?)Vegetable & DrunkLifeDreamDeath each @ 5 per portion.

2. Once completed, the Royal Cook will pass you an unusual wood. Bring this item to BianJing Liu the Axecutter to find out the purpose of it.

3. Pass 5 x DrunkLifeDreamDeath to Liu the Axecutter and he will tell you the origin of the unusual wood and give you LuRan skin & Metal-string wood to you.

4. Go back to the Royal Cook and he will teach you the Lv76 food making recipe for 'Metal-string-Elite-Wood and gives you 100 LuRan skin.
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LV76 Living Skills (Food) *Translated By Me*
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