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 Pros/Cons of shaolin

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PostSubject: Pros/Cons of shaolin   Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:14 pm


Pros- High hp. High ext def. Can have high damage. Good tankers as well as atkers. Able to take on a lot of ppl at 1 go and can mass kill them when being gb. Lvl 70 ++ SC can be consider as top class so far. Skill Sac for SC can stop ppl movement then add combo to kill. So the best clan i even try.

Cons- very very low mp (1combo=sac,damo,burning,demon slayer =0mp), Kana drain mp = sian (unless got mp convert equip), low int def, skill a bit slow need skill activition 12% ++ (recommand). SC against SM rather hard.... need damp shirt.
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PostSubject: Re: Pros/Cons of shaolin   Wed Jun 06, 2007 12:26 pm

Cons for SC after China patch:

Read from various sites regarding Shaolin commoner in China server.

It seems that China server had nerfed SC way down and rated as one of the lousiest class in PK or war in end.

Some updates in China v1.5 that i read about:

-Damo damage reduces from 330% down to 250%
-Damo can be easily interrupted by any attack
-Sacrifcial Art cooldown time lengthened to 15sec till next move allowed
-may have more which i never take note

What the players from China commented about these changes are:

-No chance of running away after we use Sacrificial art + combo
-If no use sacrifical art, we can't stun enemy, thus unable to chain damo skill
-Damo damage has been reduced drastically and right now SC cant kill effectively
-While using damo in war, anyone can interupt ur move easily by atking you
-Now lower damage, enemy won't die = SC die
-Now lower damage... stucked in between, can't kill enemy, high hp also useless...
-Even if play STR build then rest VITs also can't kill effectively

According to GameFlier, they get their patches based from KingSoft.
So ultimately there will be one day, the nerfing patch would come to JX2.
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Pros/Cons of shaolin
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