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 My views on WB and WS

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PostSubject: My views on WB and WS   Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:58 pm


Pros- fast atk, dodge rate, combo = high damage can even hit 10k ++, can hit near and far(minor yang), have a lot of battle tactics, Minor yang can cancel a lot of skills, cool down time is not a issue to wb (minoryang no cool down). Combo = fast kill (in 1 combo can kos other char le.
Image chant skill can be for atk purpose or for hiding when got mass enemy. Universe chant can be use to run from enemy.

Cons- low in def, no ext or int def buff skill or other skill like (selfless art), need very good equip for def (+7) safer. Without good equip, wb def suck!!! onli can depend on dodge to reduce damage. Hp not very high can die easily. If can't dodge atk = kos. Can't really fight SC and BF. Fighting SM will depend if can dodge palm or combo, can't dodge = kos. Special atk can't dodge eg. ws, ez, es, wb (MY) skill.


Pro- Selfless art can reduce a lot of damage on ws. High mp. High skill damage eg ba kua. Good mass killing skill eg blazing sun, tai yi etc.

Cons- Skill casting speed too slow. Even with skill activition speed also slow. Actual fast in battle onli can use sword style and tai chiang (best battle skill). Need very good equip to play just average ws (at least need 20% ++ skill activition speed). Recommand 33% skill activition and above to play a proper WS (15% hat and 2x 9% acc). Easy to die in battle cause of low hp. Can't really fight 1 vs 1. In adv not many WS can fight mostly feed point. Training can't really fight range mobs as interruption rate too high. Need very good equip (costly).
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My views on WB and WS
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