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 My way of WB

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PostSubject: My way of WB   Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:36 pm

Well just to share my WB onli.
Currently not playing, can say quit too.

No equip left i'll saycause all sold to ppl.
Lvl73 wb with all skill max (include 3k) and gentleman lvl 10 skill

This my way of fighting most clans. However u have have gentleman lvl 10. I can say a WB without gentleman is like 70% useless. But a WB with gentleman lvl can said to be very geng. So u all can see the difference.
When u use gentleman, the 3s petridied can allow u to do this combo= universe chant, 7 star (then the numb effect allow u to continue with), 3k then image chant if still stand there/ minor yang if run away

My WB against Tangs
- gentleman, universe chant, 7 star, 3k. then see got run a not if run use minor yang if stay use 7 star again or image chant.

WB again SM
Best if use damp against them as well
Wear low ext def but high int def equip.
SM palm onli works for higher ext def (mean the higher ur ext def, the higher the damage)
Near- genlteman, 7 star, image chant, 3k
Far- gentleman, minor yang till come near, then 7 star, 3k, image chant
Note: to fight SM use all high damage skill. Minor yang use onli if SM r at some distance. Cause fight SM depend on who kill who 1st so higher damage skill recommand.

WB against SZ
- gentleman, minor yang all the way to cancel his skill.
- more faster kill but risky= gentleman, universe chant, 3k, 7 star, image chant
Note: dont' get stun by SZ if not = kos

WB against SC
onli got 1 best way = gentleman, minor yang then run tongue

WB againt BC
- gentleman, minor yang all the way. (Don't bother to combo them as they can dodge. Use 100% hit method MY the best) As long as they don't knock u down on the gound they can't kill u. So the best is minor yang them lol if good enough abt 2-3 critical can kos them.

WB against BF
- Onli safest way= gentleman, minor yang all the way (distance atk). Don't let them lock u. If lock then try image chant and hide. Use universe chant to gain distance away from them.
Anyway most wb can't tahan their drunken butterfly and drunken fist counter esp if BF red bar hp....damp high damage can 1 hit ko wb. My wb abt 7k hp kana 1 DB or DF by hell_blaze = kos.

WB against ES
- gentleman then combo or if they run minor yang all the way

WB against EZ
- Minor yang all the way. Don't let them chaos if not forget it le within s kos wb liao.
- If they r at some distance, roughly note their area then minor yang.
Note: Chaos etc a prob so must minor yang them b4 u can see them.... use mini map to guess where ez r.

WB against YCR
- gentleman, universe chant, 7 star, 3k, image chant ( if run use minor yang and chase after them till can gentleman again then combo after genlteman)

WB against YCA
- gentleman, minor yang, universe chant, 7 star (minor yang if got distance). YCA also got dodge so don't try too many combo. Also their damage depend on distance. the shorter the distance the higher the damage. And their arrow onli hit straight, so Z run can help to fight them.

WB against WS
Best equip with -10 drain mp acc or weapon.
If got time- gentleman, minor yang (to cancel their skill), then combo them.
If no time- minor yang all the way till got time use combo (start with universe chant)

WB against WB
- LOL this 1 easy ...... see who fast lol minor yang recommand. But if obs/agi wb can try combo. So the key idea is who hit faster lol and who lucky to get more dodge.
- Speed issue.... onli for using minor yang
- dodge issue .... for combo

Well i guess that's abt it. Hope it help. Mine not the best combo just my way of playing
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My way of WB
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