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 Sect Manual

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PostSubject: Sect Manual   Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:16 pm

Wudang Sword - Phantom
Consume 30 mp to use
Massive damage to single target
1st move - 714 dmg, 3 hits
2nd move - 1071 dmg
cool down 20s
(elm decide by weapon)
(effect is related to Int)
Skill Move The Great Dream
Added status effect Chaos 3s
18% chance to activate

Wudang Brush - Gentleman
Consume 30 mp to use
Petrified single target for 3s
At the same time 100% chance to Numb target for 10s
Decrease enemy External Defense by 30%
cool down 15s
Permanent Effect
Endless force art casting time is reduce by 30%
Increase Brush damage by 40
Skill Move Gentlemen
Numb effect increase by 2s
Decrease enemy atk by 25%
40% chance to activate
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Sect Manual
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