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 scroll effect

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PostSubject: scroll effect   Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:05 pm

Skills are classified into 4 types according to the stats points of Manuals-
Active External Attack (Ext Atk)
Active Internal Attack (Int Atk)
Active Offense Support (Off Sprt)
Active Defense Support (Def Sprt)

All Skill effects listed below are based on 100% stat points

For Example:

Dark Rock Manual Lvl 99 stats 60%,40%,50%,40%

Insert Seven Treasure Art
effect = 4 sq rage x 50% Off Sprt = 2 sq rage

Insert Drunken Fist
effect = 10% skill Activation X 40% Def Sprt = 4% Skill Activation

Also Included are the Mobs/Locations that you MAY get the scroll from.
Please use as reference only because I have only been able to verify about 70% of them.
Please help to fill in the gaps if you have more information. Thank you.

Tang Clan

Projectile Making (Off Sprt) Increase projectile amount 50% - Tang Deadly Archers
Inner Sight (Off Sprt) Increase all poison effect 10% - As Above
Penetrating Poison (Off Sprt) Extend poison durations 10 secs Dream Cloud mere Scorpions, Deadly Archers
Detoxify Art (Def Sprt) 40% chance resists all poison (duration 8 secs) Yang Zhong Cave, Fair Cloud Cobra
Soul Trap Method (Def Sprt) Increase poison effect 25% during chaos Yang Zhong Midget
Disarm Trap (Def Sprt) 100% install own trap at same location, ignore max trap limit Yang Zhong Cave
Guided Arrow (Ext Atk) Last wave attack carries 150 poison damage (duration 10 secs) Clear Creek Tian Yin Archers, Scorpions
Scrutinize Method (Def Sprt) 100% chance to avoid discovered traps As Above
Penetrating Thorn (Off Sprt) Increase poison activation speed 25% - Plains 1,2 Barbarian Archers, Scorpions
Envenom Art (Off Sprt) 20% chance all other attacks carries poison Scorpions, Cobras
Sandman Trap (Def Sprt) Decrease target defense 100 when asleep Twin Dragon Hunters with Prongs
Shadow Nail (Off Sprt) Decrease Self poison duration 50% - As Above
Storm Needle (Ext Atk) Last wave attack carries 180 poison damage (duration 10 secs) Hidden Sword Mansion
Deadly Needle (Off Sprt) Target poison effect and damage cannot be neutralized (duration 10 secs) Plains 1,2 Barbarian Archers, Heaven Major Tree Monster
Showering Needle (Ext Atk) - Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate As Above
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scroll effect
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