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 Scrolls effect

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PostSubject: Scrolls effect   Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:04 pm

Skills are classified into 4 types according to the stats points of Manuals-
Active External Attack (Ext Atk)
Active Internal Attack (Int Atk)
Active Offense Support (Off Sprt)
Active Defense Support (Def Sprt)

All Skill effects listed below are based on 100% stat points

For Example:

Dark Rock Manual Lvl 99 stats 60%,40%,50%,40%

Insert Seven Treasure Art
effect = 4 sq rage x 50% Off Sprt = 2 sq rage

Insert Drunken Fist
effect = 10% skill Activation X 40% Def Sprt = 4% Skill Activation

Also Included are the Mobs/Locations that you MAY get the scroll from.
Please use as reference only because I have only been able to verify about 70% of them.
Please help to fill in the gaps if you have more information. Thank you.

Yang Clan

Yang Clan Spear

Yang Clan Spear (Off Sprt) – Increase weapon attack lower limit 30%, External Defense 40 – Green Wolf, Aardwolf
Wind Splitting Spear (Ext Atk) – Increase 20% Skill Move Activation rate – Green Wolf
Yang Clan Riding (Def Sprt) – Increase Internal Defense 100 – Thief, Spry Robbers
Wolf Surge Spear (Ext Atk) – 240/sec damage on target (duration 5 secs) – Yan’s gate Undead Song Soldiers
Army Order Verse (Def Sprt) – 40% resist petrified effect - Song Swordsmen, Undead Song Soldiers
Yang Strategy Verse (Def Sprt) – Cool down time minus 10 secs – As Above
Heaven Arm Spear (Ext Atk) – Decrease target all properties 35 (duration 10 secs) – Twin Water Spear God
Yang Heroic Spitir (Def Sprt) – Decrease poison effect on friendly units by 80 – Twin Water Cave
Yang Sea Splitter (Ext Atk) – 30% chance petrify (duration 1.5 secs) – Hidden Sword Mansion
Yang Horse Mastery (Ext Atk) – 50% chance target cannot use skill (duration 2 secs) – Great Plains 1,2 Barbarian Warrior, South Sea Soldiers
Meteor Spear (Ext Atk) - Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate – As Above

Yang Clan Archer
Yang Marksmanship (Off Sprt) – 20% chance all attack has piercing effect – Green Wolf, Aardwolf
Chain Shooting Skill (Ext Atk) – 15% chance knockback target 3 sqs – Green Wolf, Spry Robber
Formation Recover Skill (Def Sprt) – Cure poison damage 300 – Thief, Liang Shan Robbers
Dragon Returner (Ext Atk) – 35% chance reduce target movement speed 30% (duration 4 secs) – Liang Shan Night Robbers
Divine Shield (Def Sprt) – 75% chance avoid all negative effects when holding shield – Wu Meng Village, Bamboo Satin Cave 2,snow mt 1
Heroic Force (Ext Atk) – Reduced summoned unit attack 55% - Unknown
Gold Splitting Arrow (Ext Atk) – Decrease target external defense 20%+100 – Sitting Bull Mountain, Twin Dragon Bow Hunters
Spirit Conjuration Verse (Off Sprt) – Cool down time minus 60 secs, increase damage 50 – Hidden Sword Mansion
Life Extending Verse (Def Sprt) – Increase all defenses 50% after life extension (duration 10 secs) – Eastern Seashore 1,2,
Heaven Major Insect Creature
Flash Arrow (Ext Atk) - Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate – As Above
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Scrolls effect
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