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 Scrolls effect

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PostSubject: Scrolls effect   Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:01 pm

Skills are classified into 4 types according to the stats points of Manuals-
Active External Attack (Ext Atk)
Active Internal Attack (Int Atk)
Active Offense Support (Off Sprt)
Active Defense Support (Def Sprt)

All Skill effects listed below are based on 100% stat points

For Example:

Dark Rock Manual Lvl 99 stats 60%,40%,50%,40%

Insert Seven Treasure Art
effect = 4 sq rage x 50% Off Sprt = 2 sq rage

Insert Drunken Fist
effect = 10% skill Activation X 40% Def Sprt = 4% Skill Activation

Also Included are the Mobs/Locations that you MAY get the scroll from.
Please use as reference only because I have only been able to verify about 70% of them.
Please help to fill in the gaps if you have more information. Thank you.


Shaolin Commoner

Shaolin Saber Art (Off Sprt) - Increase Hit Rate 200 - Shaolin Green Dogs, Tigers
Shaolin Cane Art (Off Spt) - Increase Hit Rate 200 - Shaolin Green Dogs, Tigers
Demon Slayer (Ext Atk) - Target drops 200HP/sec (duration 5 secs) - Shaolin/Ling Bao Tigers
Demon Seal Cane (Ext Atk) - 40% chance to lower target’s skill activation speed by 30% (duration 5ses) – Shaolin/ Ling BaoTigers
Golden Bell Shield (Def Sprt) - Increase Internal Defense by 150 – Dragon Spring Bandits
Scorch Wood Saber (Ext Atk) - 30% chance to drop target’s MP by 10% - Liang Shan Po Blade Slashers
Erratic Cane Style (Ext Atk) – Attack Area increase by 7 sq – Liang Shan Po Bandits
Self Sacrificial Chant (Def Sprt) – 100% chance to avoid all damage during charge – Hidden Sword Mansion
Mahayana Buddha’s Incantation (Def Sprt) – Increase Internal Defense by 120 – Sitting Bull Evil Monks
Damo Warrior Scripture (Ext Atk) – Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate – Roving Bandits

Shaolin Martial
Seven Treasure Art (Off Sprt) – Increase Rage mustering by 4 sqs – Shaolin Green Dogs, Tigers
Lou Han Fist (Int Atk) – 40% chance recovering 1 sq rage after skill – Tigers
Kasyapa Kick (Int Atk) - 40% chance recovering 1 sq rage after skill – Tigers
Keen Eye Chant (Off Sprt.) – 10% chance to ignore target dodge rate – Qing Cheng Black Crow
Wei Tuo Fist (Int Atk) – Skill linking time increase 15 secs – Yang Zhong Midget, Qing Cheng Black Crow
Manju Kick (Int Atk) – 100% chance to increase movement speed by 50% (duration 4 secs) – Shaolin Chamber Wooden Creature
Lou Han Formation (Def Sprt) – Increase effect area by 100% - Hidden Sword Mansion
Great Flowing Palm (Int Atk) – 50% chance launch area attack damaging enemies in 5 sq – Shaolin Chamber Mechanical Copper Creature
Shadowless Kick (Int Atk) – Last wave attack damage increase by 250% - Shaolin Chamber Mechanical Copper Creature
Dragon Claw – (Off Sprt) - Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate - Shaolin Chamber Mechanical Copper Creature

Shaolin Zen

Tiger Slaying Force (Int Atk) – Increase casting speed by 35% - Shaolin Green Dogs, Tigers
Shaolin Meditation Art (Def Sprt) – 10% chance to consume 0 MP when using staff skills – Tigers
Rolling Finger (Def Sprt) – Cool down time minus 10 secs – Tigers
Demon Destroyer (Def Sprt) – Increase 20% Skill Move Activation rate – Jiang Jing Vil. Rotten Corpse, Zombies
Invincible Vajra (Def Sprt) – 30% chance increase all defense 20% when attacked (duration 2 secs) – Hidden Sword Mansion
Thunder Seal (Int Atk) – Decrease target’s internal defense by 25% (duration 5 secs) – Frozen Heart Snow Monsters
Kasaya Battle Art (Int Atk) – 40% chance to slow target movement speed by 30% (duration 3 secs) – Frozen Heart Fox Spirit
Formless Supreme Art (Def Aprt) – Cool down time minus 15 secs – Hidden Sword Mansion
Lion’s Roar (Int Atk) – Cool down time minus 5 secs – Frozen Heart Ice Monsters
Immovable Mantra (Def Sprt) – 100% chance of drawing 3%MP/sec from target during spell – FengDu, Frozen Heart Ice Monsters
Mighty Vajra Finger (Int Atk) - Increase 10% Skill Move Activation rate – FengDu
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Scrolls effect
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